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Zsigmond Moricz, generally considered the greatest Hungarian novelist, is noted for his novels Gold Nugget and Butterflyfor his historical trilogies Transylvania and Rozsa Sandorand for his short stories Seven Pence and Barbarians The Crucible can be seen as a commentary on the public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents as expressed by the House of Representatives Committee on UnAmerican Activities, and the Joseph McCarthy investigations, in the s.

After the May defeathe took refuge in the Southern Zone. His novels focus on the Holocaust, during which Kertesz was deported to a Nazi concentration camp. Mani Rao born is an Indian poet writing in English.

Pierre Jean Jouve retains today in France an exceptional reputation as one of the twentieth century's premier poets. Mutual synonyms The novella, an Italian word used to describe short stories, is the 18th century source of the present generic English term novel.

Songwriter and poet, killed in action on 6 April This was a way of transferring the dissociation of reality from the plane of content to that of form, thereby achieving an almost perfect unity between ideas and dramatic structure. Italo Calvino concentrated on fantastic tales Il 20th century poet novelist and essayist dimezzato [; The Cloven Viscount], Il barone rampante [; The Baron in the Trees ], and Il cavaliere inesistente [; The Nonexistent Knight ] and, later, on moralizing science fiction Le cosmicomiche [; Cosmicomics ] and Ti con zero [; t zero].

Edited Verlaine, wrote critical biographies, and lyrical poetry in classical, almost Parnassian, forms. Outstanding among the poets of this generation were the political revolutionary Endre Ady, noted for innovative themes and techniques in such works as Blood and Gold ; Mihaly Babits, also an essayist; and the poet and short-story writer Dezso Kosztolanyi.

In novels such as Macno ; Eng. Hardy is considered one of England's greatest novelists. Aragon was only told the truth at the age of 19, as he was leaving to serve in the First World Warfrom which neither he nor his parents believed he would return.

During the last ten years of his life, he published at least two further novels: Most Hardy criticism during this period focused on the best-known novels. Killed in action 12 April at Marcheville, on the Meuse.

Dramatists and Essayists Poets essayists novelists dramatists and their works, chaucer By the s Hardy had achieved considerable success with his novels and again began to write poetry. Rckylrnts Alok Vaid-Menon Alok is a gender non-conforming performance artist and poet who rose to worldwide social media fame under the moniker 'DarkMatter.

He began to publish novels in the s. Watch his poem about his transness here. He was a proponent of epic theatre whose plays reflected the recent experiences of World War II. Keki Daruwalla Indian poet writing in English.

Meena Kandasamy born is a writer, poet, translator and an activist Michael Madhusudan Dutt born 25 January — 29 June poet and dramatist. Read some of his poetry here. He did however integrate a certain formal freedom with it, sometimes recalling the surrealism of his early days.

Her Dei bambini non si sa niente ; Eng. He is often called England's Any particular work can by analyzed, understood, described, and classified by the combination of the writing elements it incorporates. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa bornIndian poet writing in English.

After a very free early period, marked by surrealism and its subversive language, Aragon returned to more classical forms measured verse; rhyme, even.

Michelle Tea Tea is a queer postpunk poet based in Massachusetts. Born in Saint Denis. Filumenawhich, though written in his native Neapolitan dialect, paradoxically achieved international success.

Audre Lorde (1934-1992)

Etranger; awarded Croix de Guerre. After his death it was decided that his heart should be buried near the grave of his first wife, while his cremated remains should be placed in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey. Indian poets writing in English In alphabetical order by first name: La notte della cometa ; The Night of the Comet is a fictionalized biography of the early 20th-century Orphic poet Dino Campanawhile in the Strega Prize -winning La chimera ; The Chimeraperhaps taking a cue from historian Carlo Ginzburg as well as from Alessandro Manzonihe reconstructs a 17th-century witch trial.

Her fiction, best exemplified by Lessico famigliare ; Family Sayingsexplores the memories of childhood and middle-class family relationships. Served in 1st Regt. Arundhathi Subramaniam poet and writer and web editor writing in English. Killed in action 8 September Novelist and essayist Hilary Masters recreates a moment in s Pittsburgh when circumstances, ideology, and a passion for the arts collided to produce a masterpiece in another part of the world.

A Troubled Genius - Few poets in the 20th century literature could match the lyricism and emotional intensity of Sylvia Plath's work. a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, essayist, short story writer, novelist, and political activist, is known for her insight into the dark themes of betrayal.

List of modernist women writers

Find out more about the greatest authors of the 20th century, including Woolf, Orwell, Hughes, Carter and Kureishi. Tabish Khair (born ), poet, novelist and essayist Tapan Kumar Pradhan (born ), activist, essayist and poet in English and Oriya.

Tishani Doshi (born ). MAY LITERARY BIRTHDAYS (Complete list of May authors here.)Featured Authors Walt Whitman, May 31, - March 26, Whitman, an essayist, journalist, and extremely influential American poet, sometimes called the father of free verse (though he wasn't), was born on Long Island, NY.

Authors. César Aira Cesar aira. Argentine author. Roberto Bolaño 20th century Argentine novelist, poet, essayist, short-story writer and Surrealist. Albert Cossery 20th Century American poet, essayist, and translator.

Rodrigo Rey Rosa Rodrigo rey rosa. 20th century Guatemalan novelist.

20th century poet novelist and essayist
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