Depletion of o-zone layer essay help

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No significant natural sources have ever been identified for these compounds - their presence in the atmosphere is due almost entirely to human manufacture. Pay attention to any breathing or lung problems you might have.

Check out this page for a good description of the chemical reaction that allows ozone to absorb UV light.

Chemical reactions on the surfaces of ice crystals in the clouds release active forms of CFCs. This produces two oxygen atoms. When the Antarctic ozone hole does break up, the ozone-depleted air drifts out into nearby areas. The hydrocarbons used are flammable, but the amount used equivalent to two butane lighters of fluid and safety engineering considerations have made quieted these concerns.

Within this polar vortexover 50 percent of the lower stratospheric ozone is destroyed during the Antarctic spring.

The enhanced greenhouse effect that we're seeing due to a man-made increase in greenhouse gases is acting to warm the troposphere and cool the stratosphere. Scientists have been increasingly able to attribute the observed ozone depletion to the increase of anthropogenic halogen compounds from CFCs by the use of complex chemistry transport models and their validation against observational data e.

As on Septemberstates have signed and ratified the protocol. Worldwide CFC production fell sharply after the U. Global warming from CO2 is expected to cool the stratosphere. Environmental lawmaking research and q a research dissertation chapter dissertation chapter dissertation ozone depletion solutions ozone layer and environmental lawmaking research.

At the time this was widely regarded as a first step towards a more comprehensive regulation policy, but progress in this direction slowed in subsequent years, due to a combination of political factors continued resistance from the halocarbon industry and a general change in attitude towards environmental regulation during the first two years of the Reagan administration and scientific developments subsequent National Academy assessments which indicated that the first estimates of the magnitude of ozone depletion had been overly large.

Ozoaqua is associated recommended stories blockchain platform for may year. Journal of geosciences original thesis paper apr 28, http: The smaller size of the hole compared to most years in the s is due to the fact that the jet stream was more unstable than usual over Antarctica this September, which allowed very cold air in the so-called "polar vortex" over Antarctica to mix northwards, expelling ozone-deficient air and mixing in ozone-rich air.

On the negative side, excessive UV-B exposure depresses the immune system, potentially allowing increased susceptibility to a wide variety of diseases. Despite that fossil-fuel burning surface emissions represents the largest source of NOx over the U.

Millions of Americans live in areas where ozone levels are higher than the national health standards, and should pay attention to ozone levels when the weather is hot and sunny. Arctic ozone depletion shows large year-to-year variability, driven by meteorological conditions.

Life couldn't exist without this protective ozone, which is also called the "ozone layer.

Ozone Facts

Apart from these International ramifications, various conferences and programmes are also held all over the world regularly to protect the ozone layer.

Ozone at middle latitudes has declined, but by a much smaller extent a decrease of about 4—5 percent. In the 's, David Bates and Marcel Nicolet presented evidence that various free radicals, in particular hydroxyl OH and nitric oxide NOcould catalyze this recombination reaction, reducing the overall amount of ozone.

Because it is this same UV radiation that creates ozone in the ozone layer from O2 regular oxygen in the first place, a reduction in stratospheric ozone would actually tend to increase photochemical production of ozone at lower levels in the tropospherealthough the overall observed trends in total column ozone still show a decrease, largely because ozone produced lower down has a naturally shorter photochemical lifetime, so it is destroyed before the concentrations could reach a level which would compensate for the ozone reduction higher up.

What are all the factors affecting Ozone Layer other than CFC???

Pielke and Betsill provide an extensive review of early US govt responses to the emerging science of ozone depletion by CFCs.Essay on importance of ozone layer The Importance of Our O-Zone Layer.

The Importance of Our O-Zone Layer The ozone layer is one of the oldest things on the planet, older than any of. Find this Pin and more on Environmental protection by Alli Tripp.

Ozone / ˈ oʊ z oʊ n /, or trioxygen, is an inorganic molecule with the chemical formula O is a pale blue gas with a distinctively pungent smell. It is an allotrope of oxygen that is much less stable than the diatomic allotrope O 2, breaking down in the lower atmosphere to O 2 or is formed from dioxygen by the action of ultraviolet light (UV) and electrical discharges.

The ozone layer. The ozone layer is a natural layer of gas in the upper atmosphere that protects humans and other living things from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

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Ozone depletion: Ozone depletion, gradual thinning of Earth’s ozone layer caused by the release of chemical compounds containing gaseous chlorine or bromine from industry and other human activities.

The thinning is most pronounced in the. The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty that protects the ozone layer by phasing out the manufacture and use of ozone-depleting chemicals. It was enacted inand all of the countries in the world have signed it.

Depletion of o-zone layer essay help
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