Epithelial tissue classification

Cilia — Slender, cytoplasmic extrusions present in nearly every mammalian cell. Characteristics of epithelium tissue Polarity- Epithelium is arranged so there is one free surface apical surface and one attached surface basal surface Cellular nature— Cells in epithelium fit closely together side by side and sometimes atop each other to form sheets of cells.

Avascular— Epithelium typically lacks its own blood supply. Stratified epithelium[ edit ] Stratified epithelium differs from simple epithelium in that it is multilayered.

In order to accomplish this function, however, epithelial tissues need to be tightly attached to each other, forming a mostly impenetrable layer. This is achieved by the presence of tight junctions between two epithelial cells. Simple epithelia— consist of a single cell layer found where absorption, secretion, and filtration occur.

Eight types of epithelial tissue

Specialized contacts— epithelial cells fit close together and form continuous sheets except in the case of glandular epithelia. Basement membrane[ edit ] Epithelial tissue rests on a basement membranewhich acts as a scaffolding on which epithelium can grow and regenerate after injuries.

Cuboidal cells— are box-like same height and width. The first name indicates the number of cell layers, the second describes the shape of its cell. It also plays an important role in anchoring the epithelium to the connective tissue underneath. Small amounts are found in the pharynx, male urethra, and lining of some glandular ducts.

These nuclei are pyknoticmeaning that they are highly condensed. Cuboidal epithelium is commonly found in secretive tissue such as the exocrine glandsor in absorptive tissue such as the pancreas, the lining of the kidney tubules as well as in the ducts of the glands.

Squamous cells— are flat and scale-like. Specialized squamous epithelium also forms the lining of cavities such as in blood vessels, as endothelium and in the pericardiumas mesothelium and in other body cavities.

The lining of the blood and lymphatic vessels are of a specialised form of epithelium called endothelium. For instance, deep to the basal lamina is reticular lamina extracellular material containing collagen protein fiber which forms the basement membrane.

The germinal epithelium that covers the female ovaryand the germinal epithelium that lines the walls of the seminferous tubules in the testes are also of the cuboidal type.

The shape of the nucleus usually corresponds to the cell form and helps to identify the type of epithelium. The outermost layer of human skin is composed of dead stratified squamouskeratinized epithelial cells.

Type Squamous Squamous cells have the appearance of thin, flat plates that can look polygonal when viewed from above.Classification of Epithelial Tissue study guide by aolinn1 includes 21 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

Epithelial tissue: characteristics and classification scheme and types

Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. Simple epithelial tissue is organized as a single layer of cells and stratified epithelial tissue is formed by several layers of cells.

Simple Epithelium The shape of the cells in the single cell layer of simple epithelium reflects the functioning of those cells.

Eight types of epithelial tissue. First name of tissue indicates number of cell layers. Simple—one layer of cells; Stratified—more than one layer of cells; Last name of tissue describes shape of cells.

Squamous—cells are wider than tall (plate-like) – “squashed”. Types of Epithelial Tissue. There are different types of epithelial tissue depending on their function in a particular location. The simplest classification of these tissues is based on the number of cell layers.

Classification of Epithelial Tissue study guide by aolinn1 includes 21 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.

Thyroid & Salivary epithelial tissue are examples of glandular epithelium, whose function is secretion. -In these glands, cuboidal cells are arranged in small spheres and .

Epithelial tissue classification
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