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Students found that study never fitted with the confines of the working day and would have to be done in personal time: How do I view my download statistics author dashboard?

Nevertheless, there are some past theses on RO that are still available as multiple files. For more information or assistance contact.

Comparative judgement for robust assessment: In health and social care settings, mentors not only guide learning, facilitate the transfer of theory to practice but Online research repository of ucu provide supervision.

NVQs have been resisted by employers as they highlight the previously unacknowledged aspects of assistants work that overlap with that of the professional staff Thornley It is unsurprising that in this climate, 17 study could fall low on the list of priorities and pushing for paid study leave was difficult.

When there is an open access copy of an article arising from an NHMRC-funded project, the research results are more visible and more accessible. The students course fees were paid by their employer or union and there was an expectation that they would be relieved of duties for study leave half a day a week.

Open access can also be achieved through placing copies of articles in a subject or discipline based repository such as PubMed or where the publisher of a journal provides free online access to the full content of the journal eg PLoS. Talk for teachers, Auckland, New Zealand.

By searching research data repositories, researchers can also find examples of "negative data" or experiments that have failed — so they do not have to recreate the wheel and go down paths that previously have been dead ends or found to be unproductive. Others may go further developing the political and negotiating skills to overcome such difficulties.

The Creative Commons licences offer standardized and clear protection for users of works on the repository as well as depositors. Most recently, I received the Edinburgh Medal offor the impact of my research on indigenous vegetables, agrobiodiversity and public health on humanity.

A constructionist perspective suggests that meaning and experience are socially produced and reproduced. I received feedback from all over the world. They assign a disciplinary taxonomy, classification, or what we call a metadata schema to the data — essentially more data or description describing the primary data.

Free-response tasks in primary mathematics: I think we all supported each other, the people on the same course my work colleagues. Open Access What is Open Access?

For example, after completing NVQs, assistants became reluctant to re-assume basic duties, arguing that these should be taken on by non-qualified staff Keeney, Hasson et al. T-cells in themselves are a type of lymphocytes itself a type of white blood cell that play a central role in cell mediated immunity.

While an academic programme 20 may enhance the sophistication of practice, it may not bring about actual changes in role and therefore will not be rewarded.

Holocaust lineages: anti-semitism before Nazism – history and the struggle today

Adopting a socio-cultural perspective on learning, the way in which workplace characteristics and career opportunities impact on learning are discussed, as are implications for foundation degree design. Students reported busy personal lives.

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There is a body of research suggesting that peers and supervisors have an important influence on the students learning experience and their ability to reshape their practice in the light of academic knowledge Henderson ; Forrester-Jones and Hatzidimitriadou The increased visibility has attracted the attention of the Kenyan government.

This relates to publications dating from 1 January Much of the content in the Research Repository is Open Access. Assessing experimental science in education: Some supervisors would go as far as to provide feedback on written assignments.

Thematic analysis revealed a dynamic relationship between personal employment trajectories, the nature of the workplace and the learning experience. What are the search capabilities in general?

After that, the university signed the Declaration and management accepted the OA policy. Contact the library at for assistance with determining which version of your publication can be made available and embargos. Students are studying in time and resource poor environments facing work intensification and a shortage of necessary staff.Welcome to STORRE: Stirling Online Research Repository STORRE holds a continually growing collection of the full text of the research outputs of University of Stirling authors.

It includes published journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working papers, 1 Open Research Online The Open University s repository of research publications and other research outputs The learning experiences of health and social care paraprofessionals on a foundation degree Journal Article How to cite: Kubiak, Chris; Rogers, Anita M.

and Turner, Annie (). The learning experiences of health and social care. UCU Library provides access to a huge range of Electronic Resources to support you in your Studies and Research. Please follow this procedure to access the available resources.

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